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No Homo directed by Goddey Asemota - UMFF 2012 - Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Three days of independent films and digital technology - Metro-Atlanta, Norcross, GA Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Four days of independent films and scripts in competition. Digital marketing and distribution - Marketing workshops - Metro-Atlanta, Norcross, GA

No Homo

Directed by Goddey Asemota – Brooklyn, NY USA
Screening: Saturday, October 13, 2012 - Noon - 1:15 p.m. [Buy Tickets]
Synopsis: Lance and Dame are aspiring fashion designers selling on the streets of SoHo. Their love for fashion makes people questioned their sexuality. As a gag they make a shirt with NO HOMO written on the front to address their sexuality questions. One of the first shirts ends up in the hands of a new musician who wears the shirt in a music video. The videos success catapults them into the spotlight. They change the name of their clothing line to NO HOMO to capitalize on the success. Just as their careers seem to be taking off, a gay boy is severely beating by two thugs who happen to be wearing NO HOMO T shirts. The two must decide what to do with their company and friendship while one keeps a secret. Watch the trailer. GA PREMIERE