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Beat Band Animation directed by Sung Wook Hong - UMFF 2012 - Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Three days of independent films and digital technology - Metro-Atlanta, Norcross, GA Beat Band Animation directed by Sung Wook Hong - Screening - Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Panels, Workshops - Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, Production - Metro-Atlanta, Norcross, GA

Soy Juana (My Name Is Jane)

Directed by Laura Bondel – Animation - Bilbao, Spain
Screening: Friday, October 12, 2012 - 3:30-5:00 p.m. - UMFF 2012 Film Series #3 [Buy Tickets]
Synopsis: Nowadays, in Buenos Aires, a person divides his time into two different ways of living: long and monotonous hours flanked by the walls of a grey office and his inner moments at home, the only place where he is allowed to be what he really is. He debates with himself whether he should follow social patterns, behaving in a way that is acceptable in the society he is living in or give away his real identity and his deeper desires. Tango dance at night, a meeting in a bar and an inner struggle that becomes evident .