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We are excited to announce the 20th Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMF), running October 11-24, 2021 - a virtual event! Congratulations to the official selections of UMF 2021. Welcome to our family!

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Content creators competing from United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Italy, France, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, Singapore, Namibia, Malaysia, Japan, Israel, Germany, Colombia, Canada, Brazil and Australia.


  • 10 Years in 40 Secondsdirected by Etta East – Short (United States)
  • An Uninvited Guest directed by Richard B. Pierre – Short (Canada)
  • DARK directed by Kevin Overton – Short (United States)
  • Heartland written by Jahmil Eady – Short (United States)
  • K.A.R.E.N. directed by Quinton Guyton – Short (United States)
  • Pandemic Punk: The Transmedia Comic Book Experience directed by TJ Walker – Short (United States)
  • ReUp directed by Setty McIntosh – Short (United States)
  • SHOT: Caught a Soul directed by Bobby Field, Jeffery Thompson – Short (United States)
  • Sundown Town directed by Mylo Butler – Short (United States)
  • The Discernment The Book of Evil directed by Magician Dewayne Hill – Short (United States)


  • The Pink Locket directed by Luis Jaime Rodriguez Reynoso (United States)
  • #JustEntrepreneurIt directed by Camrose Creative Services, Inc. (United States)


  • Gangsta Island|directed by Ken Lewis (United States)
  • Greeks Have Fallen directed by Mkeyah D. Franklin (United States)
  • Pandemic Punk: The Transmedia Comic Book Experience directed by T.J. Walker – Animation (United States)
  • Quantum Logos directed by Mark Chavez (Singapore)


  • Four Seasons Quarantine | Alessia Moretti and Alessandro Giangiulio, Photographers | Italy
  • The Tennilee Life | Photography and Writing by Tennille Murphy | United States


  • BF Sports directed by Filippo Castagna (Italy)
  • Moonflake : Space for imagination directed by Brice Blanloeil, Jean-Sébastien Duinjdam (France)


  • Bartholomew's Gold directed by Maurice Porcher (United States)
  • Bo Legs: Marvin Arrington, Sr., An Atlanta Story directed by Adelin Gasana (United States)
  • Dreaming of Words directed by Nandan (India)
  • Fire in Little Africa The Doc directed by Keith Daniels, Ben Lindsey (United States)
  • I Had To Change: The Story Of Jermaine J. Williams directed by Jermaine J. Williams (United States)
  • Journey of Gogos directed by Pyotr Vinokurov (Sweden)
  • Long Haul: A Pulmonary Wellness Foundation Film produced by Noah Greenspan and Sean Moloney (United States)
  • No Lye: An American Beauty Story directed by Bayer Mack (United States)
  • One Pint at a Time directed by Aaron Hosé (United States)
  • OPUSXTRAVELXART Xhibition, Rayna Dasant directed by Maurice Porcher (United States)
  • Restoration: A Concert Film directed by Native Son, Benny Starr, Rodrick Cliche (United States)
  • TAPIZ (Tapestry) directed by Patricio J. Salinas (United States)
  • The Cost of Denial directed by Huw Christi (United States)
  • The Militiaman directed by David Peter Hansen (United States)


  • 54 Years Late directed by Michele Wright, Ph.D. (United States)
  • 2020AD directed by D Jones (United States)
  • Becoming Black Lawyers directed by Evangeline M. Mitchell (Unites States)
  • BIRTHRIGHT: Finding the Missing Piece of Me directed by Britney Giaccone-Wallace (Unites States)
  • BOJ the Movies directed by Isaac Bush (United States)
  • COVID Crusader: The Carla Brown Story directed by Randy Scott Slavin (United States)
  • Delayed But Never Denied: Juneteenth 2021 - Cleveland, Texass directed by Gordon Scott Williams (United States)
  • Fireburn the Documentary directed by Joel Fendelman (United States)
  • Hands Up, Don't Shoot !!! (Because We Want To Live) directed by Myles Banks (United States)
  • In The Sun directed by Kristelle Laroche and Bobby Moser (United States)
  • My Name Is directed by Tony Giroux (United Kingdom)
  • Ourselves, in Stories directed by Marjee Chmiel (United States)
  • Restrictions Apply directed by Justice Whitaker (United States)
  • Sherod directed by William Feagins, Jr. (United States)
  • State Skates directed by Cat Cao (United States)
  • Talk With Us directed by Fabio Costa Prado (Brazil)
  • TKT directed by Eugina Gelbelman (United States)
  • Walk, Run, Ride, and Live. directed by Patrick Albright (United States)


  • Intractable directed by Jon Beach (United States)
  • TRY directed by Megan Ebor (United States)
  • A Moderate Folly directed by Wilson Mbiavanga (United States)
  • In My Dream directed by Murat Ceri (Turkey)


  • Let’s Talk About Race (LTAR) Holiday Shows directed by (United States)


  • BOJ the Movies directed by Isaac Bush (United States)

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  • The #SAVAGECHATSERIES directed by Blair Dottin-Haley, Brandon Dottin-Haley (United States)


  • Don't Be Afraiddirected by Daniel Beals (United States)
  • Janie’s Melody directed by Rick Cerda (United States)
  • Wanderlustdirected by Yashoda Parthasarathy (India)


  • Pandemic Punk: The Transmedia Comic Book Experience directed by TJ WalkeR (United States)
  • There You Aredirected by Rong Deng (United States)


  • ALAMPA Storm directed by Artemy Ortus (Russian Federation)
  • Black Man directed by Brennan Williams (Will Coloan)(United States)
  • Black Sea directed byMichael Brewer (United States)
  • Dancing in My Sadness directed by Casual Affairs (France)
  • Dedication by Jahan Nostra featuring Tahmell & Reks directed by Kay The Kreator (United States)
  • Dua Dua - Khayalan Cinta (Love's Fantasy) directed by Aiman Rijal, Christiana Chai (Malaysia)
  • Hebe Tien-One, After Another directed by Muh Chen (Taiwans)
  • Island Girl directed by Isaac Nugent (United States)
  • Locked Up directed by Paul Cozens, Peter Renzullo (Australia)
  • May directed by Hart Ginsburg (United States)
  • Question directed byBrittany Chrishawn (United States)
  • Rainie Yang-Like a Star directed by Muh Chen (Taiwan)
  • Still Here directed by Drego Moore (United States)
  • Straight Into The Ocean directed by Carolyn Laws (United States)
  • TRIBE directed by Maceo Tendaji(United States)
  • Wanderlust directed by Yashoda Parthasarathy (India)
  • WAP directed by Will Thomas, Domingo Guyton (United States)


  • Frozen Chaos directed by Lukas Van Loon (Germany)


  • All Things Undone directed by Chené Lawson, Joel Peissig (United States)
  • Gangsta Island produced by Ken Lewis (United States)
  • Heroes of Gaming produced by Vladimir Shade (United States)
  • Let's Talk About Race (LTAR) - Samples of Political Satire. produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • Let’s Talk About Race Today: The Woke Church + Social Gospel produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • Post-Ugly produced by Ruth Solorzano (United States)
  • Race Through Education produced by Ken Lewis (United States)
  • Talk About Apples: Episode 9- It's Time To Fly produced by Lacye A. Brown (United States)
  • The Sound of Violence : From the White House to the Streets produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • The Water Tales produced by Michele Wise Wright (United States)
  • Traces of Mika: A Memoir produced by Tamika Newhouse (United States)
  • Vaccine Vignettes directed by Tiffany Yvonne Cox, produced by Vera J. Brooks (United States)
  • VRT on the Air Presents produced by Eric Emma (United States)
  • White Privilege: Radio Play produced by Natasha Lewin (United States)


  • Anxiety directed by Daniel Lee (United States)
  • We Hold These Truths To Be directed by Anthony Anderson (United States)
  • P.E.N.S.: "A Picture In Time" directed by Mikell Limbrick (United States)

  • 2nd Coming written by A.D. Stewart – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Absolute Zero written by Bryce Hatch – Spec/TV Series (United States)
  • A Sheriff's War written by Jermaine Jones – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • At The Mercy Of Faith written by Samuel Taylor – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • At The Mercy Of Faith - Alternative written by Samuel Taylor – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Battle Cries written by Karen Walker – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Beautiful Violence written by Joey Medina – Short Film (United States)
  • Central Park written by Isaiah Francis – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Chicago Underground written by T.J. Barkwill – Spec/TV Series (United States)
  • Dire Sanction written by A.D. Stewart – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Do For Love directed by Kenya Robinson - TV Pilots/Series  (United States)
  • Foster Boy written by Katherine Birchmore – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Greeks Have Fallen directed by MKeyah D. Franklin - TV Pilots/Series (United States)
  • Lady Seraphim written by Jermaine Jones – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Patrick written by Benjamin Collins – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Recapture written by Raynard Gadson – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Review written by Jonathan Zarantonello – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Sergeant Freeman written by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • Sister’s Keeper written by Lisa Hanna – Short Film (United States)
  • Superstar Brianna G. written by Jermaine Jones – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • The Black Lily-The Frame directed by Myrtha Jasmin, Tiffany Yancey - TV Pilots/Series (United States)
  • The Most Massive Characters written by Jovan Taylor – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • The Queen of Clubs written by Shahid A. Muhammed – Feature Film/Stage Play (United States)
  • The Souls written by Breanna Washington – Spec/TV Series (United States)
  • To Enlighten written by Rachel Doman – Short Film (United States)
  • 10 directed by Sanchai Aketreephopanun (Thailand)
  • A Moment of Magic directed by Andrea Casadio (Italy)
  • Beautiful Violence directed by Joey Medina (United States)
  • Beauty Mark directed by Jonathan Rowan (United States)
  • Black Girl directed by Joey Lamar Ashley (United States)
  • Chocolate Milk directed by Jonathan Rowan (United States)
  • Color Blind directed by Shaun Mathis (United States)
  • Eggshell directed by Tracey Moore (United States)
  • Going For Gold directed by Jazz Lintott (United Kingdom)
  • Hour Secret directed by Donovan Griffin (United States)
  • I'll Be There 4 U: An Uber Story directed by Brandon D. Wilkerson (United States)
  • Love, Forgotten directed by Ryan Mitchell (United States)
  • Makeup directed by Imole Ladipo (United States)
  • Man Down directed by Jonathan Rowan (United States)
  • Maxine directed by Penny T Hollis (United States)
  • Mickey Hardaway (Proof of Concept) directed by Marcellus Cox (United States)
  • ReUp directed by Setty McIntosh (United States)
  • She's Not Alone directed by Jessica N. Todmann (United States)
  • Shred directed by Akihiko Matsuzawa (Japan)
  • The Hill We Climb directed by Wide Angle Youth Media (United States)
  • The Little Death directed by Justin Harrison (United States)
  • The Sacrificed Ones directed by Jordan Pavlik (France)
  • The Washerwoman directed by Obi Ejikeme (United Kingdom)
  • Together At Last directed by Mark E. Ridley (United States)
  • Within 8 Hours directed by Mark Ridley (United States)


  • Aje Ijo Series (4th Installment Finale): Immortal directed by Kiana Harris - Short Film (United States)
  • Becoming: ORLANDO DUGI directed by Kaela Waldstein – Short Film (United States)
  • Break directed by Kiara Barnes – Short Film (United States)
  • Caroline directed by Patricia Vidal Delgado – Short Film (United States)
  • First Date Jitters directed by Dexcee Lowe – Short Film (United States)
  • Hurtful Truth directed by Marie France Louis, Eman – Short Film (United States)
  • Makeup directed by Imole Ladipo – Short Film (United States)
  • Pressed directed by Stacie Hawkins - Short Film (United States)
  • Remember Their Roots directed by Eden Strachan – Short Film (United States)
  • She's Not Alone directed by Jessica N. Todmann – Short Film (United States)
  • Smell the Trees directed by Breyionna Flowers – Short Film (United States)
  • Straight Into The Ocean directed by Carolyn Laws – Music Video (United States)
  • Wanderlust directed by Yashoda Parthasarathy – Mobile Film and Music Video (United States)


  • Death to The N-Word directed by Sadiq Al-Aleem - Feature Film (United States)
  • Halloween Alone directed by Chandler Thornton – Short Film (United States)
  • Welcome to the Friend Zone directed by Christopher Allen Richardson – Short Film (United States)


  • Bronx River - Season 1, Episode 1 - Silent Night directed by Zach Uthman (United States)
  • Green Fiction directed by T.J. Waler (United States)
  • The Heights directed by Clinton Pernell Gasaway, Cam Cashaw (United States)


  • Chicks directed by Eduard Oganesyan (Russian Federation)
  • Happy End directed by Evgeny Sangadzhiev (Russian Federation)
  • Psycho directed by Fedor Bondarchu (Russian Federation)
  • Rat Run City directed by Sam Sharpe, Joan Hehir (United States)
  • The Last Axel directed by Anario Mamedov (Russian Federation)

VIDEOPALOOZA – Youth Filmmakers

  • Blossom directed by Tyson Ronon Skinker – Documentary Short (United States)
  • Echoes from Lock One directed by Branda Miller – Documentary Short (United States)
  • Mama directed by Mackenna Mondo – Documentary Short - High School (United States)
  • Perennial directed by Grace Shao, Shailee Sankhala – Documentary Short  - High School (United States)
  • Princess Emma directed by Alanna Crouch, Keira Crouch – Short (United Kingdom)
  • Suburbia directed by Daniel Lee – Experimental Short (United States)
  • Time, Short directed by Eunice Shin – Short (United States)
  • Youth on BLM directed by Ayana Ahuja – Documentary Short (United States)


  • Empire Soldiers: A Caribbean Story directed by Paul Long (United Kingdom)
  • The Great Atchafalaya Basin in Virtual Reality directed by Mark Knight (United States)


  • Black Sheep directed by Kevin Anthony (United States)
  • Gangsta Island directed by Ken Lewis (United States)
  • Night Sweats directed by Jarryn M. Bingham (United States)
  • The Hope Scenarios: Focusing the Lens on Rare Diseases directed by Louise Tiranoff (United States)
  • Walking Forward directed by Tim Huebschle, Ndinomholo Ndilula (Namibia)
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