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The format of the Urban PitchFest is simple. Participants will have 15 minutes to pitch their projects to various representatives in the film and television industry in a speed-dating atmosphere. Be a part of the 7th Urban PitchFest 2023 during the 22nd Urban Medamakers Film Festival on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

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We Cannot Expect To Be Represented If We Are Not In The Room

The Urban Mediamakers is a consortium celebrating content creators who use new technology to create a multitude of interactive projects. The non-profit organization gives urban content creators an opportunity to showcase their artistry as they tell stories of their communities, compete with peers, hone their skills through educational series and interact with public supporters of media excellence. With projects from all genres, the Urban Mediamakers bring a mixed bag of media projects from animations to dramas to sci-fi and fantasy.

One of the biggest challenges for independent content creators of color is making the right connections with industry movers-and-shakers. To answer that challenge, the Urban Mediamakers is proud to present the third annual Urban PitchFest 2023 — putting urban content creators in front of producers, directors, investors, agents and managers for an opportunity to pitch their projects in all genres.

You are invited to participate in the Urban PitchFest taking place Saturday, October 14, 2023, during the 22nd Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) online for the world to participate. [Get tickets today!]


Urban PitchFest Format

Participants will have 15 minutes to pitch their projects to your company representative(s) in a speed-dating atmosphere. If your company is interested in the project, you will contact/provide the participant with next steps after the Urban PitchFest 2023. [Get tickets today!]


Who Should Participate in the Urban PitchFest?

Urban PitchFest 2023 participants are writers, filmmakers, storytellers, app designers/ developers with excellent projects for the world. [Get tickets today!]


Urban PitchFest 2023 | Who Will You Pitch To?

We will announce confirmed judges of Urban PitchFest 2023 with participants votes included in the judging.

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  • Distribution:
    Companies specializing in distribution
    Traditional and digital streaming. [Get tickets today!]
  • Agents:
    Actors and Writers
    Agents with the right connections. [Get tickets today!]
  • Producers and Production Companies:
    Professionals looking for to work with Urban content creators and finding the next great project. [Get tickets today!]
  • Directors
    Directors looking to collaborate with writers to produce content for all medias. [Get tickets today!]
  • Investors:
    Apps, Films and Pilots
    There are traditional and angel investors ready to finance exceptional projects that offer high return on investment (ROI). [Get tickets today!]
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